[Urban Finds] is a collection of locally sourced unique vessles from other badass makers.  I would see ordinary things and wonder what they would look like as a candle, well instead of wondering I started making. Most of the vessels in this collection were purchased in quantites of (2) making them exteremly limited, Enjoy! 


ir•i•des•cent is paried with one of our best sellers, & Ivory. This candle is 17oz, Intensely Scented and Loaded with Ambiance and offers about 75 hours of burn time.  


We Use a Blend of Coconut and Apricot Wax which makes for a Clean, Slow and Smooth Burn. We Also Use 100% Cotton Wicks and Our Fragrances Are Phthalate Free.  


Care: Please Trim Wick Before Burning. This Allows for a Clean Burn and Look for the Life of Your Candle.





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