[Urban Finds] is a collection of locally sourced unique vessles from other badass makers.  I would see ordinary things and wonder what they would look like as a candle, well instead of wondering I started making. Most of the vessels in this collection were purchased in quantites of (2) making them exteremly limited, Enjoy! 


The Illusion of Jane is paried with two of our best sellers, Summer Madness & Shaded Cabanna. These candles are 16oz, Intensely Scented and Loaded with Ambiance and offers about 75 hours of burn time.  


We Use a Blend of Coconut and Apricot Wax which makes for a Clean, Slow and Smooth Burn. We Also Use 100% Cotton Wicks and Our Fragrances Are Phthalate Free.  


Care: Please Trim Wick Before Burning. This Allows for a Clean Burn and Look for the Life of Your Candle.


Illusion of Jane

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